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If you read Jane Jacob’s death and life of great American cities, you would picture the Annex as Jane’s ultimate vision of what the perfect neighborhood is. Short blocks, mixed uses, population density and aged buildings dominate the neighborhood. The diversity of restaurants, shops and culture is remarkable. It’s hustling and bustling along Bloor, but quiet on the residential streets, it has everything just right.

This is why people want to be live there. Famous residents included Jane Jacobs herself, Margaret Atwood and Rachel McAdams.

Future Development Potential: Low

The neighborhood is already established, any condo projects will be of the infill variety and midrise (i.e. the towers will be under 15 storeys)

Some developers have taken to building rows of townhouses in certain pockets in the residential streets. Land values and zoning rules will limit any higher density projects except on the major streets (such as Bathurst and Bloor); as a result,  commercial properties are already priced with development potential vs. the income they generate.

Demographic Indicators

Below you will find various demographic indicators for the Annex. This will include information such as average income, down to the single and married ratio in the neighbourhood.

Single Hot Zone (Folks in the ages 25-44)40% (Toronto Average 32%)i
Visible Minority 20.6% (Toronto Average 47%)
Recent Immigrants 4.7% (Toronto Average 11%)
Most Common Ethnic OriginEuropean/British Isles
% of Population with Diploma or Degree14.1% (Toronto Average 9.6%)
Ethnic Diversity Index 4.95 (Most Diverse Neighborhood in Toronto 5.66)
Average Income $181,587
Income Inequality0.42 (Moderate gap btwn rich and poor 1 most inequality Toronto Average 0.39)
% Rental Dwellings64% (Toronto Average 45%)

Market Information

Below you will find market information for the Annex, which will allow you to get a brief overview of what the Annex' market looks like.

Pre-construction Price Range $600-$830 psf
Re-Sale Price Range $450-$700 psf
Rental Range (1 Bdrm) $1700-$2000 (highest in City)
Percent by home style Apartment 64%
Stacked Town 14%
3 Storey + 2 Storey 13%
Other 8%
Housing type Condo Apartment 69%
Condo Townhouse 21%

Neighbourhood Vibrancy Factors

The Annex offers a lot of in that makes it stand out against other Toronto Neigbhourhoods. See the table below to find various information concerning what the Annex has to offer.

City Investment Index38
Employment and Business Space Score35 (average 8.6
Polluting facilities 1
Green Spaces and Tree Index3
Health Providers 192
City Provided Recreation Index5
Walkscore 100
TTC Stops86 (average 65.91)
TTC overcrowded Routes5
Crime Index 40 (average Toronto 18.25)
Major Food Safety Infractions48 (Average 8.96)
Foodie Score 4.5


The Annex has a lot to offer especially if you are looking to find great places to dine. Below you will find a table compiling all of the nearby restaurants you can expect to find while living in the Annex.

93 Harbord Harbord Street3
Akai Sushi Major St2.5
Acme Burger Bloor Street West3.5
Annapurna Bathurst Street3.5
Axis Gastropubhttp://axisgastropub.com585 Bloor St West2
B.B.Ques Gourmet Grill Spadina Avenue3
Bar Mercurio Bloor Street West3
Big Fat Burrito - Lee's Palace529 Bloor Street West3.5
Bistro Tournesol Dupont Street3
Big Sushi388 Bloor Street West3
The Boulevard Cafe161 Harbord Street2.5
Burrito Bandidos Bloor Street West4
Caribbean Roti Palace Bathurst Street2.5
By The Way Cafe Bloor Street West
Cora Pizza658 Spadina Avenue0
Corner House Restaurant Davenport Road3.5
Country Style Hungarian Restaurant450 Bloor Street West2
Diverso by Ferraro Dupont Street3
Dos Bathurst Street3
Fanny Chadwick's Howland Avenue2.5
E SushiÊBloor Street West2.5
Flip, Toss & Thai Kitchen Harbord Street3
Fresh Bloor Street West3.5
George's Deli & BBQ792 Bathurst Street3
Future Bakery483 Bloor Street West3
Ghazale Bloor Street West3
Grapefruit Moon Bathurst Street2.5
Gobo Sushi256 Christie Street3
The Green Roomv296 Brunswick Avenue3
Greg's Ice Cream Spadina Avenue3.5
Harbord Fish & Chips147 Harbord Street3.5
Guu SakaBar Bloor Street West3.5
Harbord House Harbord Street3.5
The Harbord Room Harbord Street3.5
Hey Lucy Bloor Street West3.5
Indian Kitchen386 Bloor StreetÊWest3
Indian Rice Factory Dupont Street3.5
Japan SushiBloor Street West3
Insomnia Restaurant Bar Lounge Bloor Street West4
Jerk King Bloor Street West3.5
John's Bathurst Street3
Kilgours Bar Meets Grill509 Bloor Street West3
Kenzo Japanese Noodle House Bloor Street West3
KO Burgers366 Bloor Street West2.5
KOSÊ1070 Bathurst Street2.5
Live Dupont Street4.5
Laila Lebanese Restaurant Bloor Street West4
Loire Casual Gourmet Harbord Street3.5
Mariko Japanese Restaurant551 Bloor Street West3
Mayday Malone's1078 Bathurst Street2.5
Martino Pizza178 Dupont Street3
Menchie's Bloor St West4.5
Messis Harbord Street3.5
Mon Berri Frozen Yogurt and Patisserie Cafe Bloor Street West2.5
MoMo's196 Robert Street3
Mt. Everest Restaurant Bloor Street West3.5
New Generation Sushi Bloor Street West4
New Generation Grill Fusion Bloor St West4
Noodle Bowl348 Bloor Street West2
One Love Vegetarian 854 Bathurst Street3.5
Papa Ceo654 Spadina Avenue0
People's Foods176 Dupont Street3.5
Paupers Pub Bloor Street West3.5
Pizza Gigi189 Harbord Street3
Pizzaiolo Bloor Street3.5
Puck N Wings Bloor Street West2.5
Playa Cabana111 Dupont Street3
Real Thailand Bloor Street West3.5
Roti Cuisine of India Dupont Street4
Sarah's Shawarma and Falafel487 Bloor Street West4
The Rover's Pub Bloor Street West2.5
Serra Ristorante Bloor Street West3
Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company Ltd Bloor Street W3.5
Southern Accent Markham Street3
Smoke's Poutinerie Bloor St. West3.5
Splendido Harbord Street4.5
Sushi 101513 Bloor Street West3
Sushi on Bloor Bloor Street West3.5
Sushi Couture456 Bloor Street West3.5
Sweet Fantasies398 Bloor St. West3
Tati Bistro Harbord Street2.5
Thai Spring Roll Bloor St. West3
Thai Basil Bloor Street West3
The Annex Live Brunswick Avenue3
The Pour House Dupont St3
Tokyo Sushi Korean and Japanese Restaurant362 Bloor Street Wes2
The Pump410 Bloor Street WestÊ2
The Universal Grill Shaw Street3
Vesta Lunch474 Dupont Street3
Vinny's Panini787 Dupont Street3
Victory Cafe Markham Street3.5
Yoyo's Yogurt Cafe Bloor Street West3
Yuki Japanese Ya320 Bloor Street W3


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