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By: Brian Persaud
2012-02-29 04:02:47


An established low-rise storefront commercial corridor that will undergo massive changes once the new condos at 501 Yonge St, 460 Yonge St and The Massey Tower are built. The Church Yonge Corridor is one of Toronto’s most walkable vibrant neighborhoods and as a result, it will be exciting to see what happens as the corridor gets more residential population. The area is already home to the highest pedestrian volume in Canada is at the intersection of Yonge and Dundas Street, with more than 53,000 people passing through every 8 hours.

Redevelopment plans and studies are being done on Yonge from Gerrard to Dundas and includes the work already done by Ryerson at the former Sam the Record Man site and Maple Leaf Gardens.


Future Development Potential: Medium

Cost of land and fragmented ownership will limit developers from assembling parcels to build upon, but expect projects that go in this corridor to be tall (i.e. 55+ Storeys)


Demographic Indicators

Below you will find various demographic indicators for the Church-Yonge Corridor. This will include information such as average income, down to the single and married ratio in the neighbourhood.

Single Hot Zone (Folks in the ages 25-44)49% (Toronto Average 32%)
Visible Minority 52.5% (Toronto Average 47%)
Recent Immigrants 12.1% (Toronto Average 11%)
Most Common Ethnic OriginEast and South Asian
% of Population with Diploma or Degree20.3% (Toronto Average 9.6%)
Ethnic Diversity Index 5.17 (Most Diverse Neighborhood in Toronto 5.66)
Average Income $85,661
Income Inequality0.41 (Moderate gap btwn rich and poor 1 most inequality Toronto Average 0.39)
% Rental Dwellings68% (Toronto Average 45%)

Market Information

Below you will find market information for the Church-Yonge Corridor, which will allow you to get a brief overview of what the Church-Yonge market looks like. This information is updated as of Q3-2011. For more detailed information contact us

Pre-construction Price Range $600-$800 psf
Re-Sale Price Range $500-$700 psf
Rental Range (1 Bdrm) $1700-$1900
Percent by home style

Apartment 95%
Other 5%

Housing type Condo Apartment 99%
Other 1%

Neighbourhood Vibrancy Factors

Church-Yonge Corridor offers a lot of in that makes it stand out against other Toronto Neigbhourhoods. See the table below to find various information concerning what the Church-Yonge Corridor has to offer.

City Investment Index55
Employment and Business Space Score100 - Perfect Score (average 8.6)
Polluting facilities 20
Green Spaces and Tree Index1
Health Providers 179
City Provided Recreation Index4
Walkscore 98
TTC Stops103 (average 65.91)
TTC overcrowded Routes5
Crime Index 50 (average Toronto 18.25)
Major Food Safety Infractions83 (Average 8.96)
Foodie Score 3.5 out of 5


Church and Yonge has a lot to offer especially if you are looking to find great places to dine. Below you will find a table compiling all of the nearby restaurants you can expect to find while living downtown.

A Saffron Tree Gerrard St. West3.5
Amato Pizza Yonge Street2.5
Bistro 990 Bay Street4
Bb33 Bistro + Brasserie Gerrard Street West3.5
Commensal Bay Street3.5
Elephant & Castle Yonge Street3
Fran's Restaurant College Street3
Grill Time Korean BBQ House454 Yonge Street2
Hoops Sports Bar & Grill458 Yonge St2.5
Made In China Yonge Street4
Matagali Elm St4.5
Mercatto College Street3.5
Oro Elm St.3
Salad King Yonge St, Toronto4
Solo Sushi Bekkan Grosvenor Street3.5
Sushi Shop Carlton Street3.5
W Burger Bar College Street3
Adega Elm St2
Donatello Restaurant Elm Street4


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