Did you know that Bloor St is named after Joseph Bloor? If you did, you would probably also know that Joe Bloor founded the Village of Yorkville in 1830. In any case, Yorkville today is home to some of the best shopping, restaurants and buildings in the city. Yes you can see nice designed bodies of celebrities, Maserati’s, but for real estate lovers, the buildings are where it’s at. Yorkville is home to Gardiner Museum, the ROM, 77 Yorkville, 35 Hazelton, 18 Yorkville, Yorkville Town Hall, 155 Cumberland and The Hazelton Hotel. Future Development Potential: Medium The area will be considered more of a luxury area; as a result, future development will be pricier relative to other areas in the city. Density will be decent and will have 20-45 storey towers depending on the site.

Demographic Indicators

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Market Information

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Neighbourhood Vibrancy Factors

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Yorkville has a lot to offer especially if you are looking to find great places to dine. Below you will find a table compiling all of the nearby restaurants you can expect to find while living in Yorkville [table id=25 /] Sources 

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