If you read Jane Jacob’s death and life of great American cities, you would picture the Annex as Jane’s ultimate vision of what the perfect neighborhood is. Short blocks, mixed uses, population density and aged buildings dominate the neighborhood. The diversity of restaurants, shops and culture is remarkable. It’s hustling and bustling along Bloor, but quiet on the residential streets, it has everything just right. This is why people want to be live there. Famous residents included Jane Jacobs herself, Margaret Atwood and Rachel McAdams. Future Development Potential: Low The neighborhood is already established, any condo projects will be of the infill variety and midrise (i.e. the towers will be under 15 storeys) Some developers have taken to building rows of townhouses in certain pockets in the residential streets. Land values and zoning rules will limit any higher density projects except on the major streets (such as Bathurst and Bloor); as a result,  commercial properties are already priced with development potential vs. the income they generate.

Demographic Indicators

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Market Information

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Neighbourhood Vibrancy Factors

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