At the start of this decade the Bay St Corridor was essentially abandoned during the evenings and weekends. Home to Toronto’s financial district and discovery district and right smack in between Ryerson and University of Toronto it’s the main employment hub in Toronto. As a result, it’s one of the best served neighborhoods by transit. Over the past 8 years, condos have started to be built in the area, and why not? Students, corporate executives, and wealthy single couples are walking distance to the Village (Church St) and Yonge/Dundas square. Future Development Potential: High With little green space, The Bay St Corridor is open for the most intense development in the City. The neighborhood centres around University Ave, Bay St and Yonge St, streets where the city already has many of its tallest buildings. There are a number of intersections on Bay St and University Avenue that have no limits on heights (most protected areas in this neighborhood are the historic buildings on University Ave, City Hall and Old City hall on Bay St).

Demographic Indicators

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Market Information

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Neighbourhood Vibrancy Factors

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Bay St Corridor has a lot to offer especially if you are looking to find great places to dine. Below you will find a table compiling all of the nearby restaurants you can expect to find while living in Bay St Corridor. [table id=58 /] Sources