Brian Persaud​

Brian Persaud is a Toronto based real estate sales person, investor, analyst, TV show host, producer and author of the forthcoming book Profitable Investing in Condominiums: Strategies, Tips and Expert Advice for the Canadian Real Estate Investor.






Brian Persaud is a Toronto based Real Estate Agent, TV Host, Producer and Author of Profitable Investing in Condominiums: Strategies, Tips and Expert Advice for the Canadian Real Estate Investor.

Brian is the first born of immigrant parents who constantly put pressure on him to become a doctor to relieve the financial strain faced by his family. After much hard work he earned his way into the challenging and premiere pre-med program in the country: bio-physics at the University of Toronto. While working full time in order to pay for his tuition and expenses, and managing a packed course load at U.of T., barely sleeping more than 3 hours a day, a close friend insisted he make the time to read Kiyosaki’s immortal book Rich Dad Poor Dad. This proved to be a turning point in Brian’s life.

Brian immediately began the search for investment properties. In a short time and on a shoestring student budget, he discovered and secured a rental property. He had found his true calling. After his initial success, Brian begin tackling bigger and bigger projects, buying multiple properties at the same time, even trying his luck at subdivision and resort development. He, of course, quit his day job.

From humble beginnings, Brian has developed a strong specialty in Real Estate investment management. From managing single family residential homes to multi-unit apartment buildings, to hi-rise and subdivision development, Brian uses a disciplined due diligence process, and targets under-valued and under-performing assets in carefully selected markets across Toronto.

Today, Brian is a sales representative for RE/Max Realtron, specializing in marketing properties and is currently the realtor appraiser for HGTV’s Income Property. He is also a go to realtor expert for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life Magazine, Metro, CBC and BNN.

As first time home sellers, we had our reservations about the process we were about to embark upon. Brian never pressured us and gave us time to come to a decision that was right for us. Our house ended up selling in less than a week.