It’s Christmas, I’m in Florida and I’m thinking how I’ve had a great year. One of the biggest gifts I have gained was a great group of friends where we have developed our relationship over Twitter. Here’s the list: First is my good buddy Mark Savel, who has a great Toronto Real Estate Blog   Savel is a fellow Real Estate agent, and we have great fun competing on who does more deals….but, I know I can always come to him for advice. He’s has great Photoshop skills Evidence below:

  (By the way – Don’t Chris Molder, a Toronto Mortgage Broker  and John Pasalis from Realosophy look like brothers?)   Plus, he’s the most hilarious real estate agent on twitter. Evidence below: [blackbirdpie url=”!/SavelSells/status/149177895808548864″]   Then there is the BuzzBuzzHome team. Matthew and Cliff have been so supportive over my career and have so great in keeping our “Muskoka Summit” group together. Over the past two years, I have gotten to know Matthew especially well, and his drive is inspiring. Every morning I don’t want to get up and work, I think to myself, what is Slutsky doing at this moment? Working…That means I better get my butt in gear. Plus they are one of the few people I know that work hard and love what they do, evidence below: Life As a Startup BuzzBuzzHome vs. Printer from BuzzBuzzHome on Vimeo.   Then there is the Canada’s #1 Source for the best mortgage rates: the Ratehub crew.  The folks at Ratehub are super powers online. The company is driven yet very open, helpful and collaborative. I’ve learned so much from them.   and what’s even better, Kerri-Lynn make’s great cookies.   Evidence below:       Then there is Steve Ladurantaye, whom I’ve have been consciously calling him by his last name only, just because I love to do sadistic things. I met Ladurantaye at a media invite for Cityzen’s Backstage, where we both just went for the food. Ladurantaye is one of my favorite tweeters and will always crack you up with laughter: [blackbirdpie url=”!/syladurantaye/status/149870212739629056″]   Then there is the UrbanDreamer. I met the UrbanDreamer via twitter some years ago. I was commenting a lot on the UrbanToronto Real Estate forums and was developing a reputation of a shill for the real estate industry…only because I was posting actual statistics instead of furthering conjecture on the real estate market threads. Upon hearing I wasn’t liked, UD reached out to me…because he is also disliked on the forum. I can’t say much else about him, because I’m sworn to secrecy..but if you want to any gossip about the development industry he’s your man…only if you call him after 11pm. Then there is the folks from outside the downtown core, you know, god’s country. Matt Goulart is a master at building valuable content online and has taught me so much (he built this site). He’s become a great friend, I actually met him via a tweeterinduction via Matthew Slutsky. Best part of him, he loves to strip for his fans. Amit and Roy,  (in the middle of the below pic) have become huge players in the pre-construction condos…and are always there when I need some builder intel. I’m sorry I can’t go more to Amit’s Lion’s Club events, but I value my sanity too much to go to Milton in traffic on a regular basis.   I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas…thanks for being great friends