Once was home to 65,000 partiers every weekend and home to 90 clubs in 8 square blocks the club district became unbearably difficult for police to keep secure. Some have called the area the most dense club district in the Western hemisphere. Desolate during the day with evenings from Thursday to Sunday jammed with drunken revelers made the area an inefficient use of valuable city land.  The city and community groups made a concerted effort to make lives difficult for club owners and encouraged other kinds of development in the area. Today the entertainment district is more diverse with new Residential, (Festival Tower, M5V, Boutique), new office space (The Score TV studios), and new daytime entertainment (Bell Light Box), and a lot less clubs. Future Development Potential: High The area is going through a massive redevelopment, one of the biggest in Toronto.  No parking lot is going to be safe and every property will be considered for a high rise development. The focus for the neighbourhood would be to create a mixed use community that is pedestrian friendly vibrant  (the area will be modeled after Time Square in New York and the Magnificent Mile in Chicago).  Since there are many historic and character buildings in the area, development in the Entertainment District will be tempered to keep these elements. The Entertainment District revitalization is not just limited to redevelopment of buildings. The master plan calls for more public spaces, tree-lined streets,  pedestrian friendly sidewalks, better street lighting, in fact, John St (from David Pecaut Square to Dundas) will be known as Toronto’s cultural corridor. Future development will be high as some sites allow for 25 to 60 storey towers  

Demographic Indicators

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Market Information

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Neighbourhood Vibrancy Factors


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    Entertainment District  has a lot to offer especially if you are looking to find great places to dine. Below you will find a table compiling all of the nearby restaurants you can expect to find while living downtown. [table id=56 /] Sources   

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