In 2011 Toronto had about 26,000 pre-construction/new condo sales and 17,000 resale condo sales. Everyone and their mom is thinking about buying a condo. Buyers include investors, people like you and me, foreign buyers and celebrities. Yes, celebrities are buying condos in Toronto. Celebrities hanging out in City Place Condos  The City Place condo community is home to a number of Blue Jays and Raptors because its so close to the ACC and the Rogers Centre. Here are two famous people that we have confirmation spend some of their time in Cityplace condos: First off we have Drake and 15 Fort York (N-Tower at Cityplace – average price $508 psf). One of Drizzy’s managers and producers lived at 15 Fort York (which is a Cityplace condo on the west side of Spadina) in suite 1503. One of the rooms doubled as a studio and Drake recorded a major portion of his song “So Far Gone there. Note: There was a video circulating of Serena Williams dancing for Drake in one of his condos, no word if that condo is in Toronto. Another famous person with a City Place condo is Saadi Gaddafi…son of Libiyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi  (well he’s more infamous than famous). Gaddaffi owns at unit in a City Place condo west of Spadina at 10 Navy Wharf (Harbourview Estates I -average price $486 psf). As reported in the National Post, Gadaafi bought the condo at Harbourview Estates I in 2008 for $1.55 million. Entertainment District Condos are a hot spot for Celebs In June of 2011, Juwan Howard and Jamaal Magloire were thinking of buying a condo. In fact, here is a pic, tweeted by @Lifetime_Dev. The pic has Jamaal with Hunter Milborne, head of sales for Milborne Real Estate –whose company sells most of the pre-construction condos in Toronto, and Mel Pearl, head of Lifetime Developments. The photo was taken at the Bisha sales office in the Entertainment District (average price $780 psf). Entertainment district condos, like Bisha, are in a great location for NBA players. Condos in the Entertainment District are a short cab ride or moderate walk to the ACC and close to a lot of restaurants and nightclubs. As an aside, in an article posted by the Wall Street Journal, it mentioned that Juwan and Jamaal toured around in a helicopter looking at condo sites…and I doubt these NBA big men paid for the hourly for that ride. Movies stars hitting up Yorkville Condos sales centre Also in June, the National Post reported that Mark Wahlberg bought a condo at 36 Hazelton (average price $1,369 psf) in Yorkville. Mark spends a lot of time in the celebrity friendly Yorkville area when he’s in town for a film festival or shooting a movie so buying a Yorkville condo seemed like a good move for him…and what’s better for Marky Mark, Yorkville condos have seen a lot of appreciation.     Toronto Waterfront condos have lots of A-Listers Finally, before Chris Bosh was flopping around with the Miami Heat you may remember he played for the Raptors. While here, he thought it would be a good idea to buy a condo at 2045 Lake Shore Blvd W (Palace Pier – average price $316 psf). Toronto Waterfront Condos are popular high income earners and CB’s Palace Pier condo is currently on the market if you want to take a look at it contact me. So that is that, happy investing