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Flush with cash from their friends at Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOPP), Menkes keeps pushing through mega projects in the York Centre neighborhood in the downtown core. Recently they announced they have purchased 1 York St, and plan on building two 70-storey residential towers and one 31-storey office building that will be connected to The PATH. 1 York/90 harbour st streetview Menkes and HOPP have already developed and built the $250 million Telus building at 25 York St, next to Maple Leaf Square, and plan on repeating the great success that Lanterra had with the residences of Maple Leaf Square, combining a connection to The PATH, retail shopping and commercial offices. Telus Tower - Toronto Taking a project of this scope can be quite daunting and Menkes will face many challenges. I remembering listening to Wayne Barwise, Executive Vice-President of Development for Cadillac Fairview (who teamed up with MLSE and Lanterra to develop the office and retail component at Maple Leaf Square), discuss the many challenges they faced in making a building that would cater to many uses. Since Menkes also develops and builds residential, office, commercial and retail, I’m sure their team is up to the challenge. Here are some preliminary notes on 1 York St:

  • The residential towers are expected to be super tall at 70 storeys and 239.5 m in height
  • 1 office building at 31 storeys and 150 m in height
  • 1426 residential units
  • The development will include 3 buildings sharing a common podium ranging from 4 to 9 storeys
  • There is a proposed above-grade PATH pedestrian bridge
  • Will include a public art benefit with the Banksy graffiti piece that has been salvaged at the site
1 York/90 harbour st Banksy
1 York is going to be very close to the Gardiner. Just speculating, I’m thinking the podium will hold the commercial/retail components to limit the residential exposure to the expressway.
1 York/90 harbour st site
For this building, just like 10 York St, suite location will be key for those who value views:

  • Traffic noise and dust will be an issue to the units facing north on low floors
  • Area is part of the highest density corners in North America =  views will be blocked (10 York from Tridel is just West, and this community is 3 very tall towers)
  • Being close to the Gardiner guarantees a view corridor for some units